Frequently Asked Questions
What organization is this project a part of, if any?
This is an undergraduate research project in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge, UK. The people involved are Pushkar Mishra (pm576), Dr. Helen Yannakoudakis (hy260) and Dr. Ekaterina Shutova (es407).
What about my privacy?
Neither do we monitor your browsing activities nor do we capture any personal data. When you report any content to us, we only store the content and nothing more; this means there is no way for us to trace your reports back to you. Similarly, when you post something, the artificial intelligence only considers what you posted in order to decide whether to warn you or not; no personal data is taken into account.
What do you do with the collected data?
The data we collect from you is used in two ways: (i) to analyze the performance of the artificial intelligence, and (ii) to retrain the artificial intelligence in order to make it better.
Browser extensions can be disabled, so how is the project going to help?
The idea is to make our tools good enough so that they can become browser-defaults or integral parts of platforms themselves. Currently, we are in the phase where we want to improve the artificial intelligence and the tools with the help of the community.
Are all operating systems supported?
Yes, all desktop operating systems. You just need to be on the latest version of the browsers we support to be able to install the extension.
Will you add support for more platforms?
Depends on the availability of appropriate datasets from the platform in question.
How can I contact you?
If you have any more questions or want to contribute to the project, please email us.